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Behind the scenes at Zorion: A day in life of a CEO

A day in life of a CEO on how to balance work, personal life, and self-improvement.
April 6, 2023

A day in life of a CEO is never the same, there is a never ending amount of work, and it can be hectic and messy. That’s why we are here to uncover how Laima Marsane, the CEO of Zorion, goes through her daily routine where she balances work, personal life, and self-improvement. She has worked on the routine for years, but always tries to adjust and improve her routine. This includes her morning and evening routines, work habits, and personal philosophies.

Before everything: Morning routine

Laima’s day starts with her waking up early, at least one hour before the first meeting starts. That’s because she believes that the early morning hours provide a distraction-free environment. This allows her to have a delicious cup of coffee, focus on essential tasks and plan her day without any interruptions.

Attending meetings for a global team

As the CEO of a visionary FinTech startup, Laima has to manage a diverse team spread across the world. This means accommodating to different time zones to ensure effective communication. Since she is located in Europe and part of the team is located in Asia, she schedules important meetings early in the day. This practice allows her and her team to sync up effectively and discuss crucial matters with everybody.

Brainstorming during midday walks

After having important calls in the morning, Laima enjoys taking brisk walks during lunchtime to clear her mind and brainstorm new ideas. These walks provide her with the opportunity to think creatively and come up with innovative solutions to the challenges her company faces.

Focus work in the afternoon

When feeling refreshed after the walk, she likes to take her afternoon more quiet than the morning. This is the time when she focus on tasks where she doesn’t get interrupted by many calls and meetings.

The power of teamwork

For Laima, the most crucial aspect of her work is the people she collaborates with. She firmly believes that her team’s collective efforts are the driving force behind building the wealth management platform of the future. She takes her time to regularly check in with everyone in the team, to ensure alignment and employee well-being. In her own words, “I care about my team, the same way I care about my family, since we can only succeed together”. Laima’s belief in the power of teamwork and collaboration underpins her leadership style and work ethic.

Winding down: Evening routine

At the end of a long day, Laima likes to unwind by reading a good book or watching a movie. She enjoys reading both self-improvement books and literature for leisure, as they provide her with insights and inspiration. The current book she is reading is “Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It” by Chris Voss and Dahl Raz. She tends to self-reflect upon her day as she understands the importance of self-reflection, by constantly evaluating her actions to ensure that she’s on the right path.

Physical activities for a clear mind

In addition to midday walks, Laima is a strong advocate for sports and engaging in physical activities like tennis, running and cross-country skiing. She believes that these activities help clear her mind and reduce the chances of making errors due to mental clutter. This helps her to be an effective leader in her career – life as a CEO.

The joy of cooking

On top of all that, she also loves cooking for herself and her family. She believes that well-fed people are happy people. Preparing delicious meals for her loved ones allows her to connect with them on a deeper level and ensure their well-being. She enjoys cooking different country cuisines, but her favourites are Thai and Italian.

That’s all folks!

So, there you have it, a day in life of a CEO – Laima’s daily routine that is ever changing. Her daily habits that makes her the best version of herself. Exemplifying the qualities of a successful CEO: focus, determination, and the ability to balance work and personal life. By incorporating physical activities, nurturing relationships, and engaging in self-improvement, Laima sets a strong example for aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders.

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