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First Internet Bancorp is a company based in Fishers, Indiana, that offers a range of online commercial and retail banking products and services. The company has a team of 319 full-time employees and went public on 2013-02-22.

The bank conducts its consumer and small business deposit operations primarily through digital channels on a nationwide basis, with no traditional branch offices. First Internet Bancorp offers a range of commercial, small business, consumer, and municipal banking products and services, including commercial and industrial (C&I) banking, construction and investor commercial real estate, single tenant lease financing, public finance, healthcare finance, small business lending, franchise finance, and commercial deposits and treasury management.

First Internet Bancorp’s consumer lending products are primarily originated on a nationwide basis through relationships with dealerships and financing partners. Meanwhile, the bank’s commercial banking products and services are delivered through a relationship banking model, providing customers with tailored solutions to fit their individual needs.

As a leading online bank, tracking the stock price of First Internet Bancorp and its market cap can provide insight into the potential for growth and success of this company in the banking industry. For those seeking online banking services, researching First Internet Bancorp and its range of products and services could be beneficial in finding a reliable and convenient online banking solution.

First Internet Bancorp 表现

  • Employees 319
  • Company HQ Fishers
  • 网站
  • INBK 资产类型 Common Stock
  • INBK 市值 301.6M
  • 每股收益 1.87
  • 每股股息 0.24
  • 股息日期 2024-07-15
  • 季度收益增长 -0.302

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