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Private companies grow 8X faster than public stocks

Invest in big well known companies that transform the market by developing new technologies, and tend to grow faster than traditional investing instruments.

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Previously only for accredited investors, now available to everyone

Invest the same way venture capitalists do: Warren Buffett, Goldman Sachs, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Peter Thiel, and others.

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Starting from $10

Previously, such investments were available starting at $100K. Zorion has made them accessible to anyone.

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Choose one of our pre-selected companies

Read detailed information of the companies with historical data, prognoses, and technology description.

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Invest from $10

Sign all docs in the app.

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Fully regulated, safe and secure

Zorion is a licensed broker dealer in the APAC region and follows the best industry standards.

Licence nr. SL/23/0025

Get your return when the company goes public

We carefully pick large and stable companies that are likely to go public in the near future.

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Start your journey now!


Dozens of outstanding companies are waiting for you

Start investing before anyone else!

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Learn details about us

Zorion is a licensed company under Labuan Financial Services Authority to provide financial services as a Securities Licensee.

The license allows Zorion to act as a broker-dealer and arrange sale and purchase of securities, incl. securities that are not listed on the stock market.

You can think of a Zorion of a marketplace of securities, where potential investors (you) and attractive investment opportunities meet and we provide the necessary infrastructure and deal support.

Zorion gives you unique opportunity to invest in companies with high growth potential that haven’t yet hit the stock exchange.

Previously, this was a playground only for big investors with deep pockets starting at $1000.

But at Zorion, we’re making this arena accessible to all. We handpick companies off the market with high growth potential just for you.

Zorion ensures a secure and transparent investing experience through regulatory compliance, detailed risk disclosure, robust AML/KYC procedures, and financial security via a third-party payment service. We also offer customer protection programs, including a flexible refund policy and incentives for early users

Download the Zorion app, complete your personal details, and go through a quick KYC process to get started. KYC helps us verify your identity for a secure investing experience.

The minimum investment amount is $10. Depending on the investment requirements, some deals may require a higher starting amount. You can find the latest live deals in Zorion App.

If you haven’t downloaded Zorion App, you can download it at Appstore or Play Store

Our app takes care of the paperwork automatically! Once you’ve made the payment, a legally binding Investment Agreement confirming your ownership will be sent straight to your email and will also be accessible within the app.

These documents are your legal assurance of your stake, ensuring full transparency and security.

After making any subsequent investments on an asset you already own, you will receive an updated Investment Account statement reflecting all your investments on the particular asset.

Refund is free and available for the first 10 days of investment.

After the 10 days have passed, you have the opportunity to request a buy back. The conditions and acceptance of the buyback in under Zorion’s discretion and might depend on the current market conditions.

Based on our ability of payments collection, we currently support clients which have bank accounts in Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand

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