MBIA Inc Stock Price. Everything You Need To Know About The MBIA Inc Stock! MBIA Inc Stock Price. Everything You Need To Know About The MBIA Inc Stock!

MBIA, Inc. is a holding company, which engages in the provision of financial guarantee insurance, related reinsurance, advisory and portfolio services, and asset management advisory services. The company is headquartered in Purchase, New York and currently employs 75 full-time employees. The firm also provides financial guarantee insurance in the international and structured finance markets through its subsidiary MBIA Corp. The firm’s segments include United States (U.S.) public finance insurance and International and Structured Finance Insurance. The U.S. Public Finance Insurance portfolio is managed through National. The financial guarantees issued by National provides irrevocable guarantees of the payment of the principal, and interest or other amounts owing on, U.S. public finance insured obligations when due. The international and structured finance insurance segment is conducted through MBIA Insurance Corporation and its subsidiary (MBIA Corp.). MBIA Corp. insures non-United States public finance and global structured finance obligations, including asset-backed obligations.

MBIA Inc Stock Price. Everything You Need To Know About The MBIA Inc Stock! performance

  • Employees 75
  • Company HQ Purchase
  • Website https://www.mbia.com/
  • MBI Asset Type Common Stock
  • MBI Market Capitalization 282M
  • Earnings Per Share -10.24
  • Dividends Per Share 0
  • Dividend Date 2023-12-22
  • Quarterly Earnings Growth 0

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