OP Bancorp Stock Price. Everything You Need To Know About The OP Bancorp Stock!

OP Bancorp is a bank holding company headquartered in Los Angeles, California, that provides general commercial banking services through its subsidiary. The company has 221 full-time employees and went IPO on July 22, 2005.

The company’s subsidiary, Open Bank, engages in commercial banking activities and offers commercial banking services to small and medium-sized businesses, their owners, and retail customers, with a focus on the Korean-American community. OP Bancorp’s lending activities are diversified and include commercial real estate (CRE), commercial and industrial, small business administration (SBA), home mortgage, and consumer loans.

OP Bancorp offers a variety of deposit accounts with a range of interest rates and terms, including demand, savings, money market, and time deposits. The company operates through 10 full-service branches located in the greater metropolitan area of Los Angeles, California, Orange County, California, Santa Clara County, California, and Carrollton, Texas, and four loan production offices in the Korean-American communities in Pleasanton, California, Atlanta, Georgia, Aurora, Colorado, and Lynnwood, Washington.

For those looking for commercial banking services, OP Bancorp could be a viable option, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses and individuals in the Korean-American community. It may be worthwhile to conduct further research on the company’s services and compare them with other commercial banking options to determine which one best suits individual needs.

OP Bancorp Stock Price. Everything You Need To Know About The OP Bancorp Stock! performance

  • Employees 221
  • Company HQ Los Angeles
  • Website
  • OPBK Asset Type Common Stock
  • OPBK Market Capitalization 164.4M
  • Earnings Per Share 1.44
  • Dividends Per Share 0.48
  • Dividend Date 2024-05-23
  • Quarterly Earnings Growth -0.292

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