OPTIMIZERx Corp Stock Price. Everything You Need To Know About The OPTIMIZERx Corp Stock! OPTIMIZERx Corp Stock Price. Everything You Need To Know About The OPTIMIZERx Corp Stock!

OptimizeRx Corp. is digital health company, engaging in the provision of digital health messaging via electronic health records, which serve as a direct channel for pharmaceutical companies to communicate with healthcare providers. The company is headquartered in Rochester, Michigan and currently employs 109 full-time employees. The company went IPO on 2005-05-18. The firm’s principal solutions include evidence-based physician engagement, point of care banner messaging, social network banner messaging, institutional account-based banner messaging, financial messaging, patient engagement and therapy initiation workflow. Its evidence-based physician engagement solution uses predictive analytics via machine learning methods applied to real-world data (RWD) to assist healthcare providers (HCPs). Its point of care banner messaging solution utilizes to deliver a variety of awareness and messaging within the clinical workflow, which can be tailored to meet the needs of each brand. Its Institutional Account-based Banner Messaging solution provides its clients access to delivering banner messaging online and on the intranets of targeted health system accounts.

OPTIMIZERx Corp Stock Price. Everything You Need To Know About The OPTIMIZERx Corp Stock! performance

  • Employees 109
  • Company HQ Rochester
  • Website https://www.optimizerx.com/
  • OPRX Asset Type Common Stock
  • OPRX Market Capitalization 183.1M
  • Earnings Per Share -1.04
  • Dividends Per Share None
  • Dividend Date 2018-05-14
  • Quarterly Earnings Growth -0.668

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