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AXT, Inc. is a semiconductor company based in Fremont, California that specializes in the design, development, manufacture, and distribution of compound and single element semiconductor substrates. The firm employs 1,076 full-time employees and has two main product lines: specialty material substrates and raw materials that are integral to these substrates.

The company’s compound substrates combine indium with phosphorous (InP) or gallium with arsenic (GaAs), while its single element substrates are made from germanium (Ge). These substrates have a wide range of applications in various industries.

AXT’s InP semiconductor wafer substrate is widely used in broadband and fiber optic applications, 5G infrastructure, and data center connectivity. Its semi-conducting GaAs substrates are used in the creation of opto-electronic products, such as high brightness light emitting diodes (HBLEDs), which are often used in wireless handsets, LCD televisions, automotive panels, signage, and display and lighting applications. Additionally, its Ge substrates are used in solar cells for both space and terrestrial photovoltaic applications.

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  • พนักงาน 1076
  • กองบัญชาการบริษัท Fremont
  • เว็บไซต์
  • AXTI ประเภทสินทรัพย์ Common Stock
  • AXTI มูลค่าตลาด 161.2M
  • กำไรต่อหุ้น -0.39
  • เงินปันผลต่อหุ้น None
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  • การเติบโตของกำไรรายไตรมาส -0.571

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