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Cigna Group provides global health services and is headquartered in Bloomfield, Connecticut. With over 71,000 full-time employees, Cigna offers health insurance plans and products through Cigna Healthcare, Evernorth Health Services, and its subsidiaries.

Cigna Healthcare is dedicated to promoting better health at every stage of life. Its range of insurance plans and products covers physical and emotional well-being. Cigna Healthcare has three segments: U.S. Commercial, U.S. Government, and International Health. U.S. Commercial offers employer-sponsored health plans and solutions, while U.S. Government includes Medicare and individual and family health plans and solutions. International Health covers individual and employer-sponsored health plans and solutions.

Evernorth Health Services creates customized pharmacy, care, and benefits solutions that promote health and vitality. It provides various solutions, such as Evernorth Home-Based Care and Health Connect 360, among others.

If you’re interested in investing in Cigna, keep an eye on their stocks share price today and premarket trends. The company’s market cap is also a good indicator of its value. With its focus on improving health outcomes and innovative solutions, Cigna has the potential to be a great addition to your investment portfolio.

Cigna Group ผลงาน

  • พนักงาน 71300
  • กองบัญชาการบริษัท Bloomfield
  • เว็บไซต์
  • CI ประเภทสินทรัพย์ Common Stock
  • CI มูลค่าตลาด 94.9B
  • กำไรต่อหุ้น 12.19
  • เงินปันผลต่อหุ้น 5.09
  • วันที่จ่ายเงินปันผล 2024-06-20
  • การเติบโตของกำไรรายไตรมาส -0.105

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