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ImmuCell Corp. is a company based in Portland, Maine that is focused on the development, acquisition, manufacture, and sale of products for improving the health and productivity of dairy and beef cattle. With 67 full-time employees, the firm offers a range of products that aim to prevent scours in newborn dairy and beef calves, such as its First Defense product line.

The company has expanded its First Defense product line into five different products, with formulations targeting E. coli and coronavirus pathogens, as well as E. coli, coronavirus, and rotavirus pathogens. Its Tri-Shield First Defense product line extension is a calf-level, passive antibody product that provides immediate immunity against E. coli, coronavirus, and rotavirus.

ImmuCell Corp. is also engaged in the development of Re-Tain, a Nisin treatment for subclinical mastitis in lactating dairy cows. The company’s products are designed to reduce the use of traditional antibiotics in food-producing animals.

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ImmuCell Corp 表现

  • Employees 67
  • Company HQ Portland
  • 网站
  • ICCC 资产类型 Common Stock
  • ICCC 市值 33.2M
  • 每股收益 -0.51
  • 每股股息 None
  • 股息日期 None
  • 季度收益增长 -0.634

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