Canva Stock and Valuation

Canva pre-IPO investing offers a chance to buy shares in the high-growth design startup before its initial public offering (IPO). As a late-stage private company, Canva pre-IPO opportunities allow investors early access to equity in the Australian unicorn.  

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Overview of Canva Pre-IPO

Key aspects of Canva pre-IPO investments:

  • Exposure to revenue/user growth before public listing
  • Lower potential valuations than post-IPO share prices
  • Ability to capitalize on IPO pop and future stock appreciation

Thorough due diligence on the company’s valuation and financial performance is advised before investing.


Canva Company Overview

Industry: Graphic Design Software
Key Products: Graphic design and video editing platform
Key Services: Design software for creating presentations, social media graphics, posters, documents, and other visual content
Founded: 2012
Key People: Melanie Perkins, Cliff Obrecht, Cameron Adams (Co-founders)
HQ: Sydney, Australia
IPO Status: Private


Canva’s Pre-IPO Valuation

Canva’s pre-IPO valuation is $13 billion following recent funding rounds. This factors in substantial revenue growth, nearing 1.7 billion in 2023.

Investors should benchmark the company’s revenue multiples and growth metrics against comparable public SaaS firms when assessing its private valuation.

The company has demonstrated increasing profitability, strong gross margins, and a fast-growing user base of 170 million users. Its financial profile points to continued expansion post-IPO.

For investors who are open to accepting certain levels of risk, investments in a well-established unicorn company experiencing rapid growth and a clear path to an initial public offering can provide valuable opportunities. Reasonable entry valuations and due diligence could yield significant upside for early shareholders.

Canva Pre-IPO Market

Canva does not publicly list or trade its shares as a private company. However, private marketplaces like Zorion provide accredited investors access to Canva pre-IPO shares. Employees and early investors sell equity to these platforms, which then enable share purchases starting from $10.

Investing in Canva Pre-IPO Stocks

Services like Zorion make it possible to start investing in companies before their public listing. By lowering the barriers to entry that previously existed in the world of venture capital, Zorion opens up opportunities to everyday investors, allowing them to access companies before their shares hit the public market.

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