Discord Stock and Valuation

Investing at the pre-IPO stage in Discord, a rapidly growing company that powers chat communities for everything from video games to stock trading, education, and discussion clubs, can bring significant returns, upon a successful IPO. Hence, entering the Discord pre-IPO market can deliver early exposure to such a unique growth story.

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Commonly, the Discord pre-IPO investing milieu gets restricted to select institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals. The regulatory hurdles and significant financial weight attached to such investments inhibit regular investors in the market. Modern developments in the financial domain, including platforms like Zorion, are gradually bridging this gap, offering retail investors easier access to the Discord pre-IPO market.


Discord Company Overview

Industry: Social Media & Communication
Key Products: Discord App
Key Services: Voice, video, and text communication platform for communities
Founded: May 13, 2015
Key People: Jason Citron (Co-founder, CEO), Stanislav Vishnevskiy (CTO)
Website: https://discord.com
HQ: San Francisco, California, USA
Current Valuation: As of 2021, Discord was valued at $15 billion.
Employees: As of July 2021, Discord has 1,039 employees
IPO Status: Private

Discord Pre-IPO: Risks and Rewards

The discussion on investing in Discord before IPO calls for a balanced view on the venture’s risks and rewards. 

  • Buying Discord pre-IPO shares can offer large returns if the company proceeds with a successful IPO. Consequently, joining the success journey of a major startup at an early stage is a golden chance for retail investors.
  • However, Discord pre-IPO investments carry substantial risk too. The illiquidity of such stock – not easily convertible to cash – is a challenge. Additionally, while the company enjoys a measure of success presently, longevity and continuous growth are uncertain.

Discord Pre-IPO Valuation

Discord’s pre-IPO valuation in the 2022 funding round was $15 billion, highlighting the brand’s potential and performance. To substantiate its valuation, the company is expanding its business model beyond traditional memberships by launching an accessible online marketplace. This venture into digital goods, encompassing avatar customizations and thematic decorations, signifies a significant pivot as the company pursues new revenue streams while upholding its commitment to a non-advertising-based revenue model.

When considering the option to invest in Discord pre-IPO shares, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research, gain a comprehensive understanding of the investment, and seek guidance from financial experts. Zorion provides a platform to gain more insights into early-stage investments and simplifies the process. Ultimately, investing in pre-IPO means assessing potential risks and rewards meticulously. With judicious planning and guidance from experienced players like Zorion, it holds the potential to become a rewarding investment.

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